Zerodha Review

Zerodha with its unique name and style, derived from english and sanskrit Zero+ Rodha  which means zero barrier. It has emerged as a largest and number one brokerage firm that provides discount brokerage in the stock market of India. Being a customer friendly, it often provides unwavering support and leaves its clients with an unforgettable experience.

It was started by Nitin Kamath in August 2010. Zerodha came into the limelight from its unusual name, its headquarters is in Banglore but it has expanded its business into multiple cities.

This major firm maintains trading securities between the investor and trader. It has become a popular firm amongst the traders as it offers great trading platform due to its use of extremely superior technologies, bulk of customers and high volume. In 2017zerodha showed a good  influence in the market as its number of customers crossed  3 lakhs and everyday turnover exceeds 10000 crores that makes around  4% of the total NSE turnover. BSE, NSE, MCX-SX, MCX are some of the share markets in which the company permits investors to do their business.

To open an account with Zerodha is not a pain in neck at all. Its process is an easy going task. After finishing your online registration process within some time a representative from Zerodha customer support will call you, update you with the whole process and will solve all queries regarding it. They also have some blogs named as Z-connect, Trading Q&A, Pulse for the layman’s written by experts where they can learn and understand the things concerned with this field.

In the stock market of India , brokerage fall into two categories full service brokerage and discount brokerage. Full service brokers take high brokerage charges which doesn’t suits everybody’s pocket. So in this crowd Zerodha comes up with discount brokerage offering brokerage free equity.  Ascompared to full service brokerage fee which is around 0.05% per transaction, zerodha offers its client either minimal charges per transaction or brokerage free. Its nominal charges for Futures and options, commodity and currency trading are Rs. 20 or 0.01% per transaction whichever being the lower.

Refer a friend and get an affiliate link is a scheme plan initiated by Zerodha for its clients to either earn Rs. 2 or 10% of brokerage on every trade accomplished by their referred client.

To do trading with Zerodha, it provides trading platforms to its traders which are Zerodhatrader, Z5, Mobile, Pi and Kite etc. Amongst all these platforms Pi and kite are their inhouse technologies about which they are very well aware of all the tools and can be updated or resolved depending on the users queries whereas the other technologies used by them are developed by third party named Omnesys Technologies Ltd.

Ways by which the above trading platforms help in doing trade to customers as follows:-

  • Zerodha trader:- A desktop based software application which can be installed and used without incurring any charges. It is completely functional, fast accomplishment of trade with a fast tracking system. It has a sorting and charting feature of data, up and down movement of stocks in market can be tracked through heat map bar, margin calculator for monitoring margin line of stock before purchasing, algorithm development, creation of trading strategies and backtesting them etc.

  • ZerodhaMobile: It is mobile based app which is functionable on blackberry and android with a version of 2.3 & above. Here a client can trade on Equity, F&O, currency, commodity, NSE etc. by using the app. It isavailable free of charge for its clients.

  • Zerodhacall and trade: It is an offline service provided by the firm at a cost of Rs. 20 per trader.

  • ZerodhaKite: The firm has launched user friendly, simple, web based HTML 5 browser, light weighted trading platform consuming bandwidth of about 0.5kbps. It can be operated on browsers, mobiles and tablets by using any Indian language that includes English, hindi, Punjabi, telugu, tamil, kannada, malyalam, oriya, Marathi, gujarati and Bengali at a time.This trading platforms help users looking up the value of all stock in share market at one tap, live forecasting of data, searching of multiple stocks in multiple exchanges, charting facility with more than 100 indicators etc.

  • Zerodha Pi:-An impressive online based trading tool, quick to access which offers a complete package of advanced charting system having, 80+ indicators for analysis, various drawing tools for annotation, creation of self strategies, algorithms by using neural networks and genetic algorithms and backtest them by utilizing historical data, formation of patterns on screen and recognize them on charts, real time trade signals from automated expert team and many more.

  • Zerodha Coin: This application can be utilized for direct investment on mutual funds by giving a charge of Rs.50 per month. Investment can be done in Demat account which is associated with Zerodha trading account.

A short look on its merits and demerits:-


  • Zerodha is the cheapest brokerage company that offers you brokerage free equity delivery. Trade can be done through them on minimum charges as compared to other firms. Buying and selling of shares are done through  demat account .

  • No concealed charges of doing trade through Zerodha except the genuine charges are applied almost same as other firms which are GST, Securties transaction tax, Transaction charges, Stamp charges and SEBI charges.

  • Demat account can be opened on zero balance.

  • Zerodha has given its clients user friendly apps, browser and tools free of cost through which customer can make its own strategies and analyse them. Along with it they can also keep a market watch by tracking rise and drop of shares everytime.

  • Margin benefits are provided for Intraday trading in F&O, currency and commodity segments.

  • To prevent its retail shareholder from losses in Equity and F&O trading, it has provided ‘Bracket orders’ with an option of ‘Trailing stop loss’.


  • Trading account with 3 in1 facility cannot be obtained in Zerodha as it is not directly associated with any bank.

  • Back office of Zerodha is not updated instantly; it requires overnight time because trading account and back office doesn’t work on same platform.

  • The firm doesn’t do business with currency derivatives at BSE.

  • Mac and Linux are not supporting operating systems for Zerodha clients.

  • No margin benefits against shares in equity/cash and margin funding can be thought of with Zerodha.

Overall Zerodha is an excellent brokerage firm which suits best in the stock market of India for its latest technologies, free equity delivery, satisfied service to its clients.

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